Day 3 of my trip to: VANCOUVER

Day 3: Trip to Whistler (Bungee Jumping!!!)

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So day 3 we decided to buy a bus ticket and head to Whistler. If you’re ever in the area you absolutely have to visit Whistler. It is beautiful. We only went up for a day, but I wish we had stayed longer because there is SOOOOOO much that we didn’t get to do.

When we got to Whistler village, I saw a sign for bungee jumping. I have never been much of an adrenaline junky, but when I saw the sign I just felt like I had to do it. So I went to see if they had any spots open and they did so I signed up. The bridge was about a 10-15 minute ride from Whistler village. As soon as we got there and I saw how high up I was I started to get a little nervous, but I still couldn’t get over how beautiful the scenery was.


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(Before the jump) I was scared to even get close to the edge of the bridge

As soon as we got there they started putting the harnesses on everyone, they didn’t even give us the time to process what we all got ourselves into, thank goodness. My friend didn’t want to go with me and there wasn’t enough room in the car that brought us for her to come and watch. So I was really put out of my comfort zone for once taking this leap of faith by myself. Soon enough it was my turn to jump.

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Everyone always asks me, weren’t you nervous, how could you get yourself to jump? And to be honest I was very nervous leading up everything, but as soon as I was out on the ledge my worries just stepped aside. I didn’t even hesitate on the jump. The workers were so awesome and funny, they did a great job at calming everyone down. Not to mentioned this view was distracting me from getting nervous.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


So I jumped and let me tell you it was freakin’ AWESOME. It was the best rush I’ve ever felt in my life, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. DO IT DO IT DO IT if you ever get a chance, you will be nervous, but as soon as you jump your nerves turn into adrenaline and it is such a great rush.

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This experience was easily one of the best things I’ve done in my life. The way I see it is what’s the point of living life if you’re always afraid of getting hurt? Stop being scared of things for no reason, but the fear aside and LIVE. And hey, how many people can say they bungee jumped? It’s pretty cool. 

Life’s too short to not try new things (no matter how crazy your parents might think those things are)!


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Day 2 of my trip to: VANCOUVER

Day 2: Hike up Grouse Grind



There is a reason this hike is called Grouse Grind.. it is definitely a “grind.” The hike is very steep, but it is a shorter hike that only takes about a hour. However, I was prepared for the worst. I knew when I saw a lululemon sign saying, “Legs you got this”that I was not in for an easy hike.



The hike is just under 3 kilometers, however don’t let that fool you, it is very steep. It’s pretty much like doing the stairmaster on the hardest level. Despite this I think most people could do this hike, I saw a range of people from small children to elders.  I found that breaks were necessary, so I give credit to the people who were running up and took no breaks.



For anyone who does this hike, be prepared to be dripping in sweat once you get to the top (bring an extra shirt & lots of water).



Once you get to the top, the views are gorgeous… which makes the handwork you put in just that much more sweeter.


(now what’s the fun in taking the gondola up?)